We are a 21 and up collective.  

Our flowers are truly medical quality.  These are not greenhouse or outdoor; these are grown indoors, in a controlled environment with a CO2-heavy atmosphere, using organic nutrients, and absolutely  no pesticides.  After that we hand-pick, dry, and trim the flowers.  Then we age them in glass jars for 3 months to ensure a smooth and quality medicinal experience every time.  We have many years of experience doing this better than the rest.  This is the most expensive and consequently only way you can get true medical quality flowers.  Out door flowers are medicinal but not medical quality.

We are here to help patient’s find  the quality  relief and wellness they are looking for  In a very discreet  and professional  way.

We also have limited memberships due to the fact that we will not sacrifice quality of service to our wonderful patients.

We are working to update this  site as we are working to get links to some of the best information out there to help you be the expert


♠Indica Strains

Private Reserve Grand Daddy Purps Organic Indoor AAA 25% + THC

$16  gram | $45  1/8 | $90  1/4 | $160  1/2


This is one of my favorite strains, hands-down.  It also happens to be from one of the best Mendocino growers.  It is high in CBDs, CBNs, and THC.  You get immediate results.  First a wave of calm, then you feel the sativa part helping with clarity of thought and energetic feelings.  Pain washes away.  This will last for 4 hours, then the Indica comes on and the eyelids become heavy.  A little nap is not a bad idea, but you can do what you have to if need be.  The effects last a whopping 6 hours; this is extremely potent

Private Reserve Pie Face Organic Indoor AAA 27% + THC

$16  gram | $45  1/8 | $90  1/4 | $160  1/2

Pie Face

This is a cross of Cherry Pie and Face Off OG.  It is 60/40 leaning more heavily to the Indica side.  This has THC v from the Durban Poison that is in the parent Cherry Pie strain.  This is from our professional Mendocino grower.  This flower is very potent and perfect in every way.  This will give one a warm and fuzzy feeling, also calming.  The flavor is great on the intake, and on the way out you taste the potency and start to feel the mellow effects.  We recommend this strain for pain, rest, relaxation, anxiety, and PTSD.  This is potent, overdo it and you will be pie faced for sure.

Private Reserve Skywalker OG Organic Indoor AAA

$16  gram | $45  1/8 | $90  1/4

Skywalker OG

This hybrid is Indica dominant.  For most it is an end of the day flower.  The parents of this potent strain are Skywalker and OG Kush.  It is effective for treating anxiety, pain, and depression.  The relaxing and euphoric effects make this one of the better strains for PTSD and those who need serious relief.  On the first hit you can taste a spicy dankness that belies the potency of this flower.  On exhale you start to feel the relaxing wave, pain starts to subside, and stress is pushed gently aside.  As with the Pie Face, we recommend pacing yourself early as this medicine takes 25 minutes to fully kick-in.


Private Reserve Docss OG Organic Indoor AAA 30% THC

$15  gram | $45  1/8 | $80  1/4 | $160  1/2 

Docs OG

This is a cross of Face Off OG and Rare Dankness with Face Off OG being one of the rarest OG strains.  Doc’s OG is an abbreviation for Document OG, not Doctor’s.  This amazing strain produces extremely resinous flowers.  It is also a High Times Cup winner.  Great for relaxation, stress, and pain, the effects start fast and carry on for quite a while.  It has a very peaceful and calming effect, great for stomach problems and pain.  It is very euphoric, if you have a low tolerance it could just slam you into the couch after an hour or two.  A little goes a long way.



Private Reserve Elmer’s Glue Organic Indoor AAA 31% THC {OUT OF STOCK}

$15  gram | $45  1/8 | $90  1/4 | $180  1/2 | $320  Oz

Elmers Glue

This amazing strain is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and The White from Rare Dankness genetics, making this a very potent and tasty treat, definitely one of the better Indicas out there.  This new strain will be one you always want, and will keep its top ranking for years to come.  My personal take on this is that it is amazingly smooth and the taste is a real treat.  You feel it immediately and it comes on fast with the first calming wave.  Then as time goes on 30/45 minu8tes you can feel the extra gravity effect at this point any problem you had is gone, you are fully medicated.  Great for pain relief, stomach problems, rest, and relaxation, it really shuts off the brain chatter that goes with stress, providing a very peaceful state of mind.  Zen.  One of my new personal favorites for this reason, I would go light if you have a low tolerance, because at 31% THC satisfaction will be much harder to find from other lesser strains after using this one.

Mr. Nice Organic Indoor {OUT OF STOCK}

$13  gram | $35  1/8 | $65  1/4

Mr. Nice

Great for kicking back and watching a funny movie, it’s just all-around Nice!  Good for rest and stimulating appetite.  Great for stress, stomach problems, even PMS.  A night time bud to be sure, put down the Ambien or other sleep aids and go natural.  Also, if you are susceptible to paranoia, you will find peace with this wonderful flower.

Master Kush Organic Indoor 

$12  gram | $35  1/8 | $65  1/4 | $110  1/2 | $220  Oz

Master Kush

Our own flower, great quality at a great price.  Comes on quick, you feel the burdens of life melt away.  Great for nerve pain, skeletal pain, and stress.  Also fights anxiety and PTSD.  One of my favorites.  The quality has gone way up so this price is one of the best deals in town, hands-down.

Cherry Kola Kush Organic Indoor {OUT OF STOCK}

$12  gram | $30  1/8 | $60  1/4

Cherry Cola Kush

Our own flower.  A heavy head high and slight body, great for anxiety, stress relief, glaucoma, pain management, and insomnia.  Buds are heavy and sticky with the slight smell of sweet cherries.

♠Sativa Strains


Jack Flash Organic Indoor Smalls  Out

Smalls$13 gram | $35  1/8 | $65  1/4

Jack Flash

From our NorCal grower.  This is a great summertime flower.  A strong energetic and euphoric effect without the jitters that some will get from a sativa, all with a quick onset.  The quality is unbeatable and a fine compliment to this incredible strain.  It is uplifting and calming at the same time, great for creativity and pain relief.  Does not give one the munchies.  Very euphoric, this strain is a cross of Jack Herer, Super Skunk and The Haze.  This strain is from sensi seeds.  The sweet rich smell is one of my favorites, reminds me of the old Columbian red we used to see in the 1970’s.

Private Reserve Super Silver Haze Organic Indoor AAA

$15  gram | $40  1/8 | $80  1/4 | $150  1/2





Dream Queen Organic Indoor {OUT OF STOCK}

$11  gram | $30  1/8 | $60  1/4 | $120  1/2

Dream Queen

Our own flower, one of the best daytime flowers.  Great for relieving anxiety, depression, and social anxiety.  Also great for creativity and artistic thought; a favorite of musicians and artists.

Mixed Smalls Organic Indoor *Best Deal* {OUT OF STOCK}

$150  Oz

Mixed Smalls

These are buds and bud fallout, some small, some larger loose ones.  These are still grade A, no shade leaf, this is cured and fresh.  It’s a thanks to our members in need of a discount but who demand quality.  This item is only available in ounces.  Mixed menu, SS Haze MK and M N PF BD SFOG FOD GG a little bit of everything we grow.  No separations or smaller amounts.  We feel it is the best quality to cost deal there is right now.  These are fresh bud as per pic, no old dry bud here.  No discounts, not valid with any other deals, not for FTP.

♠Hybrid Strains

Private Reserve Fire OG 23% THC AAA Organic Indoor

$16  gram | $45  1/8 | $90  1/4 | $160  1/2

Fire OG

Fire OG is a very potent flower, and when grown by a true artisan grower, you get flowers the likes of which are seldom seen.  Flowers that will make even the most critical individual say, “Wow!”  A strong hybrid that is 60/40 Indica/Sativa, yet you can still get things done.  It is known for its almost laughing gas effect and fun energy.  Euphoric and Cereberal creativity spun into a flower.  The effects hit on exhale.  There is an immediate calming head feeling followed by a gradual wave of increased relief.  Pain and stress are put in their place.  Also great for anxiety, PTSD, and migraines.

Private Reserve Wedding Cake

$16 gram | $45  1/8 | $90  1/4


A 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid, great for pain relief and stomach pain/problems, also good for inflammation reduction and headache relief.  Very calming.  Also known as Pink Kush or Birthday Cake Kush.  Very sweet smell and taste.  My take on this soon.

Private Reserve Sunset Sherbert Organic Indoor

$35  1/8 | $65 1/4


From our infamous Plat and Phantom Cookies Grower comes this excellent specimen.  Extremely smooth all the way around.  This is a fine cross of GSC and Pink Panties, an Indica-dominant hybrid, yet still energetic with a strong and intoxicating effect that brings on cerebral energy, and a pain relief that is second to none.  This is quickly becoming a personal favorite as this strain has the best mood and thought enhancement I have seen.  All of life’s chores are not hindered in fog or lethargy.  The smell and taste is wonderful, it is almost candy-like and the smoothest, wonderful experience.

Private Reserve Girl Scout Cookies AAA   Out

$16 gram | $45  1/8 | $90  1/4


This is a very special and potent strain from a great expert grower up north.  Smoorth and tasty, just take one small toke and instantly feel a calm feeling overtake you.  There is pain relief within 10-15 minutes, a true creeper.  But any more than that (and your That may vary) and you could get serious yet fun couch lock.  You get great pain relief, even creativity is expanded with a smaller dose.  Great for cancer care relief and Palliative care, these flowers are unbelievable Potent Tasty Bliss.  It is some of the best I have ever seen.  This will place up against anyone’s best.

Kandy Kush Organic Indoor AAA

$14  gram | $45  1/8 | $85  1/4 | $140  1/2 | $280  Oz

Kandy Kush AAA

New batch keeps getting better!  This is AAA grade flower from a local master grower.  Great for back, neck, and nerve pains.  Effective for social anxiety and stress relief.  Also good for nausea.  This is a cross of OG Kush and Trainwreck that tastes wonferful.  It is a creeper that comes on in a good way, frosty and a great flush.

Ogre Organic Indoor AAA


Ogre Organic

This hybrid leans toward the Indica side, giving relaxation and pain relief.  This is a one-hit wonder, comes on fast and has that wave of soothing calmness.  No sativa energy from this, it is very calming.  Watch out for red eyes, as this strain really gives one “that” look.

Sour OG Organic Indoor AAA


Sour OG

This is an interesting flower.  It starts in your head and then moves to the body.  The effects of this bad boy are far from subtle.  A very intense mind high accompnaied by quite a strong body buzz as well.  This straing will lay you out if you are not careful.  Great for anxiety relief.



Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Organic Indoor

$13  gram | $35  1/8 | $70  1/4

Plat GSC

A new one from our grow, frosty and sticky.  Great for stomach problems, stress, and just a great reliever overall.  One of the better strains for pain, has a sativa kick so great for at-home chores, gardening, and the like.  Incredible flower, picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Purple Frost Organic Indoor

$10 gram | $35  1/8 | $65  1/4


Our own flower, this has been known to give a few a hallucinating high.  Most will feel the wave of calm settle in and enjoy the effects as the Indica part of the genetics take over.  Great for pain relief and anxiety relief… Real sweet flower, almost a cotton candy smell to it.

Gorilla Glue Organic Indoor

$13 gram | $35  1/8 | $65  1/4


First run came out sticky but looser small buds, clean and effective.  Great for pain relief and depression, it gives you a strong euphoric feeling.



extract-pic1-new extract-pic2-new

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Pineapple Kush Indica

$35  0.5 gram | $60  gram

Amazing flavor and potency, this will induce sleep even for those going through opiate withdrawal.  Great for getting off other sleep meds.  This is the most potent indica I have ever experienced.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Jack Herer Sativa

$35  0.5 gram | $60  1 gram

A wonderful day time strain, the effects and flavor are unsurpassed.  Energetic, good pain relief, great mood enhancer.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Girl Scout Cookies Indica

$35  0.5 gram | $60  1 gram

Amazing flavor and effect.  This wonderful is at its best.  Great for calming nerves, nerve pain, stomach problems, a smooth calming effect.  The high quality of this product really shows in the unbelievable flavor of this strain.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil OG Kush Indica

$35  0.5 gram

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Sour Diesel Sativa

$60  gram

You will be amazed when you sample these.  The 1 gram cartridge fits with pen cover on, the 1/2 gram does not.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Cherry Pie Hybrid

$35 0.5 gram | $60  gram

This is a cross of Grand Daddy Purps and Durban Poison.  Medical applictaions include appetite, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, pain, PMS, and stress.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Tangerine Dream Hybrid

$60 gram

This is a good day time med, it has a strong Indica-like pain effect without the sleepiness.  Also a great flavorful connoisseur strain.

CBD Nectar CO2 extracted 416.49 mg CBD 13.51 mg THC 1.67 mg CBN

$60 gram

CBD Nectar

We have lowered price to you as this is an incredible medicine and you all need to give this a try.  All the benefits without the foggy head, great for people who do not have the option of a hazed mind.  1 Gram almost 50% CBD this is a new CBD concentrate.  It is a potency that we’ve seen do the greatest benefit for patients.  We have a lot of patients who once they use this they realize total relief of anxiety, pain, and stress.  It is an amazing medicine.  Can be used as a topical, edible, or smoked.  Mix-in with a skin lotion for amazing healing, great for anxiety, pain, and skin problems.  Virus, infections, Alzheimer’s, anti-depressant, PTSD, cancer and Thyroid problems.

Battery Pen



This comes with a charger an an on-off switch you can use to ensure no false or accidental power drain.

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