We are a 21 and up collective.  

Our flowers are true medical quality.  These are not greenhouse or outdoor; these are grown indoors, in a controlled environment with a CO2-heavy atmosphere, using organic nutrients, After that flowers are hand-picked,dried and trimmed , then the  flowers are  aged in glass jars for 3 months, To ensure a smooth and quality medicinal experience every time.  We have many years of experience doing this better than the rest.  This is the most expensive and consequently the only way you can get true medical quality flowers.  Out door flowers are medicinal but not medical quality.

We are here to help patient’s find  the quality  relief and wellness they are looking for  In a very discreet  and professional  way.

We also have limited memberships due to the fact that we will not sacrifice quality of service to our wonderful patients.

We are working to update this  site as we are working to get links to some of the best information out there to help you be the expert.                                       Please click on pictures to enlarge

No bug droppings or mites on our flowers


♠Indica Strains



 $13 gram | $40  1/8 | $75  1/4         This hybrid is Indica dominant.  For most it is an end of the day flower.  .  It is effective for treating anxiety, pain, and depression.  The relaxing and euphoric effects make this one of the better strains for PTSD and those who need serious relief.  On the first hit you can taste a spicy dankness that belies the potency of this flower.  On exhale you start to feel the relaxing wave, pain starts to subside, and stress is pushed gently aside.  As with the Pie Face, we recommend pacing yourself early as this medicine takes 25 minutes to fully kick-in


.♠Sativa Strains


Cherry Cobbler  Organic Indoor 

$12  gram | $35 1/8 | $70  1/4

Cherry Cola KushA great day time flower takes of the edge of stress and relieves pain Buds are heavy and sticky with the slight smell of sweet cherries.

Private Reserve Super Silver Haze Organic Indoor AAApr-super-silver-haze-organic-indoor-aaa

This Sativa is one of the top 5 strains out there   It is known for its strong effective effects that relieve stress yet keeps you going with its energetic effect, that said it comes on later with a real calmness that eliminates your anxiety and leaves you productive and relieved.

$14  gram | $35  1/8 | $70  1/4 | $150  1/2




♠Hybrid Strains



THIS IS A CROSS OF  GDP AND LARRY OG  This is great for calming anxiety also relieving moderate pain  this is a top notch batch cured to perfecton, It has a soft grape smell to it and a smooth sweet/earthy taste .Top Quality          

$45  1/8      $80  1/4

Blueberry OG

     This is a great relaxing/calming strain.  That gives good relief  without the couch lock effect in small doses. Potent at 25+% THC  


$13 Gr   $40 1/8  $75 1/4 


Captain’s Cake 

  This is a energetic strain with good pain relief and a strong euphoric property that is good with depression . The onset is fast and with it’s potency you do not need much at all to enjoy the medicated effects ,

$40 1/8th    $75  1/4


This strain is a special cross of cherry Pie and Face off OG it is a rare flower with a look and effects that are second to non. with its sage like coloring and its energetic and creative effects that help with many ailments

1/8th $45    1/4 $80.




extract-pic1-new extract-pic2-new

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Pineapple Kush Indica             OUT OF STOCK

$35  0.5 gram | $60  gram

Amazing flavor and potency, this will induce sleep even for those going through opiate withdrawal.  Great for getting off other sleep meds.  This is the most potent indica I have ever experienced.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Jack Herer Sativa

$35  0.5 gram | $60  1 gram

A wonderful day time strain, the effects and flavor are unsurpassed.  Energetic, good pain relief, great mood enhancer.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Girl Scout Cookies Indica

$35  0.5 gram | $60  1 gram

Amazing flavor and effect.  This wonderful is at its best.  Great for calming nerves, nerve pain, stomach problems, a smooth calming effect.  The high quality of this product really shows in the unbelievable flavor of this strain.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil OG Kush Indica

$35  0.5 gram


You will be amazed when you sample these.  The 1 gram cartridge fits with pen cover on, the 1/2 gram does not.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Cherry Pie Hybrid

$35 0.5 gram | $60  gram

This is a cross of Grand Daddy Purps and Durban Poison.  Medical applictaions include appetite, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, pain, PMS, and stress.

Floral Nectar CO2 Oil Tangerine Dream Hybrid

$60 gram

This is a good day time med, it has a strong Indica-like pain effect without the sleepiness.  Also a great flavorful connoisseur strain.

CBD Nectar CO2 extracted 416.49 mg CBD 13.51 mg THC 1.67 mg CBN

$60 gram

CBD Nectar

We have lowered price to you as this is an incredible medicine and you all need to give this a try.  All the benefits without the foggy head, great for people who do not have the option of a hazed mind.  1 Gram almost 50% CBD this is a new CBD concentrate.  It is a potency that we’ve seen do the greatest benefit for patients.  We have a lot of patients who once they use this they realize total relief of anxiety, pain, and stress.  It is an amazing medicine.  Can be used as a topical, edible, or smoked.  Mix-in with a skin lotion for amazing healing, great for anxiety, pain, and skin problems.  Virus, infections, Alzheimer’s, anti-depressant, PTSD, cancer and Thyroid problems.

Battery Pen



This comes with a charger an an on-off switch you can use to ensure no false or accidental power drain.

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