Now accepting new patients again! Sign up now! New strains now in stock!!

Thank you everyone for your patience; we are happy to announce that we are once again accepting new patients!

 You can also txt questions  or you can leave a message  we will not return multiple call{ 4 in 4 min s} with out a message  Do to vendors and sales calls We want you to experience a smooth service

We can be quite busy at times that said we are diligent about returning info, We strive to give the best care and info available as your wellness is what this is about  Thanks

To sign up, please click the ‘New Patient’ tab at the top of the page.  Make sure to completely fill out the form!

Please be advised that you must include two pictures to submit your application.  If you have one picture with all your documentation, please send it twice.  If your pictures are too large, just text us info with your correct address to our phone number.

Thank you everyone for your patience, cooperation, and endless support with such kind words.  We strive to make our patients happy first and foremost!


Wedding Cake AAA   and     GSC AAA


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